We can't live without them



Hello, teenagers!

How do you feel today? Are you ready to practise your English a bit? Well, I have prepared a special task for you about a really important topic: Human rights.

I'm deeply concerned about Human rights and I want to share this concern with you.
However, I'm not going to tell you much, you would have to find out about them and then share what you discover with your classmates and me myself. So, let's start.

Now, it's your turn: You have to answer the questions below and carry out the wrap-up task or last big question

1.What is The Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
2.What day should the world celebrate Human Rights? Why?
3.Where and When was the Declaration proclaimed?
4.Please, write down one of the Human Rights you especially like.
5.Can you find the name of 10 organisations who really care about Human Rights?
6.Do all countries respect Human Rights? Write about a country in every continent which does not and explain why: what is going wrong there.

Make a poster about a person or an organisation who has been important for Human Rights. This poster should have the following parts:
a) A short biography of this person or organisation
b) Why did/has he/she/the organisation become concerned about Human Rights?
c) What important events in his/her/its life were/are related to this concern?
d) Some pictures
e) A letter you would like to write to him/her/them in relation to this topic.



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