The Magazine for Teenagers, the only ONE!




You're working for T-Mag, a special magazine for teenagers, as a journalist. Your editor has asked you to write an article about the section you work for.


Your work will result in a magazine with different sections.


1.The magazine has 4 sections: Society, What's Up, Miscellaneous and Free Time. Each journalist has to cover a section and write an article. Here are some suggestions to help you:

  • SOCIETY: The Royal Family, Etiquette and Manner and Stereotypes.

  • FREE TIME: Sport, Leisure and Music.

  • WHAT'S UP?: Television, Fashion and Horoscope.

  • MISCELLANEOUS: Food, Festivals and Jobs.

2. Agree with your group partners on the best articles to publish in the mag.

3. Edit the magazine. Use as many resources as possible to make it attractive (pictures, photos, charts, etc...)

4. Have a "critical" reading of your partners' magazines and decide for the best.


There will be teacher and peer evaluation.The following aspects will be evaluated:

  • Your participation within the group.

  • The written and visual production of the magazine.

  • Oral presentation of the Mag.


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