Some facts about music




Welcome to this webtask about music. You will be able to read and learn about different aspects of music in general and then you will give your opinion. Please, follow these steps.

- First, you will gather some information:

* Mention some characteristics of music as a sound produced by vibration.
* What is "the Mozart Effect"? (brief explanation)
* What kinds of instruments are there?
* What´s your favourite instrument? Describe it. What type of music is it used for?
*Mention three important types of music and give some of their characteristics. (topics in lyrics; style of music; people who listen to it; period; important singers or groups; where it was born)
* How can you listen to music? Give some examples of the old and modern technology.


- Now write about your favourite singer or group, mention the type of music they belong to and choose one of their songs. Write the lyrics of the song and explain why you like it, how you listen to this music, how it makes you feel...

You can hand in this project in class or you can write it in my blog:


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