Greek Vase Paintings
Birth of Dionysus out of Zeus's thigh. Proto-Apulian Red-figure volute krater from Ceglie del Campo, Late 5th - Early 4th c. BCE. Museo Nazionale, Taranto.


As you may know, much of what we learn about past cultures is through the art that they left behind. Archaeologists have studied the Hieroglyphics covering the walls of Egyptian tombs, and carved designs of Incan ruins, to learn more about the culture of these Ancient Civilizations. We have learned much of what we know about the Ancient Greeks through the pottery they created, and the detailed images that adorned them with.

Pottery is one of the few forms of art that has survived since the fall of the ancient Greek civilization more than 2,000 years ago. These beautiful artifacts can be better understood, by learning about the different peoples that created them, and the different styles they each used for decorating their vessels.

Read through the pages of this Web- Worksheet to learn more. Then, create your own artwork in the style of the ancient Greeks.


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