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Teacher's Email Reminder

Before merging Wizard with Poster, Wizard users logged in using their Worksheet ID and Password. If you do not remember the email address you used to register, please fill out the following form.
WHY? We decided to use the email addresses to login, so each user can see all the worksheets created on one page. This means, they do not need to remember a group of ID numbers. This new tool will help users to organize their worksheets in classes, so each teacher can have more than one class, and each class can have more than one worksheet. We have created a class for each user called "Worksheets from Wizard", and we have placed all of the Worksheets there.

Enter the Worksheet ID and the password you used to login in Web Worksheet Wizard, and we will show you the email address you used to register. It will be the same email and password you need to login in Web Poster Wizard.

   Worksheet ID:

  • Another feature our Wizard's users will see is Student's Posters. Now, students can create a webpage for a class if the teacher gives them the Class ID and his/her name. This way, teachers will be able to Manage the Worksheets and Posters created for each class with one login.

  • Another feature added is "Teacher Feature," which allows teachers to quickly create a page that displays all (archived) student's posters and teacher's worksheets for one class.